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Welcome to the RCSI Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. As medical students you are following in a long line of professionals who have arrived at this Department with the goal being to learn the fundamental principles of pregnancy and womenís health. You will have the opportunity to witness both the joys of normal obstetrics and the challenges of complicated maternal, fetal and gynaecologic pathology. RCSI medical students join the Department for a six-week intensive educational experience at one of the three Dublin maternity hospitals or regional obstetric centres. You will have the benefit of being exposed to national leaders and innovators in this specialty and it is our hope that many of you will choose to follow this field as a vocation and a career.

The undergraduate experience in obstetrics and gynaecology for Senior Cycle RCSI medical students includes dedicated time in the delivery suite, community obstetrics, gynaecologic surgery and neonatology. Students are embedded as members of healthcare management teams and are encouraged to contribute to the day-to-day care of patients under direct physician supervision. Innovative approaches to student evaluation and assessment include in depth end-of-attachment structured assessment, regular evaluation of professionalism, and formal assessment of clinical competence.

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology makes full use of the RCSI Moodle intranet backbone to communicate, disseminate knowledge and support student assessment. You are encouraged to log onto this secure site with your RCSI password to take full advantage of its educational and informational resources.

Click here to go directly to the RCSI Moodle site: http://vle.rcsi.ie/login/index.php
We hope that you find this web-site useful and that it helps you maximise your experience in this specialty. Please feel free to contact the Departmentís head office at the RCSI Fetal Medicine Centre at the Rotunda Hospital if you need any additional assistance.


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